The production of cigars takes place in the beautifull historic building of Cigar factory De Olifant in Kampen.

It starts in the treassure room where high quality tobacco from several selected origins is stored.

The filler consists of 15 to 20 kinds of tobacco, of which ± 8 Brasil, ± 6 Java and 2 Havana.

We process so many kinds of tobacco to build and maintain a constant and tasteful melange throughout the years. This is why, we use tobacco from several harvest years.

We find the most delicate wrapper leaf on Sumatra, around the city of Medan. The wrapper with its thin, silky structure, herbal smell and full flavor makes Sumatra an important origin in the cigar world.

The tobacco in the bales is dry and fragile. To process it, the tobacco is gently moistened with water. After 1 to 2 days the tobacco is smooth and elastic due to moisture penetration.

Since 1832, tobacco products have been manufactured in this monumental factory.

For a long time, the factory had a mainly museal character, but since the mid-1980s it is turned into a quality production-site.

Using traditional machines of which the oldest dates from 1888. Since 2009, some pre-war machines have also been modernized.

All cigars are carefully sorted by hand before they are packaged in a cedar box.

All packaged cigars are collected in the warehouse before they are sent to our shopkeepers.

You can take a guided tour in the factory, click for bookings: Guided Tour

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