nederlandse-vlag.pngThe Netherlands have always been very involved in the tobacco industry.

Knowledge about tobacco is acquired during the colonial period in Indonesia. Especially Sumatra and Java have built a rich history with the knowledge and skills of the Dutch and deliver excellent tobacco. Also in production Netherlands is a major global player.

A production of cigars started in the city of Kampen in 1826. Because of the success, several more cities in the Netherlands were involved in the cigar production and the cigar production flourished to great heights.

Because of new technological developments, the production was mechanized and refined. Some small manufacturers kept producing cigars in more traditional ways, by hand or with semi-automatic machines.

The structure of a Traditional Dutch Quality Cigar.
A traditional Dutch quality cigar consists of three main components.
1. Wrapper leaf
2. Binder leaf
3. Threshed shortfiller

Shortfiller description:

The typical Dutch cigar (shortfiller) distinguishes itself from other cigars as the filler is made of a blend of tobaccos from Indonesia, Brazil and Cuba.

The traditional shortfiller cigar consists of a blend of threshed tobacco leafs, surrounded by a binder leaf where eventually a wrapper leaf is applied. A typical blend consists of up to 20 types of tobacco. Each different type of tobacco contributes to the delicate flavour which can range from sweet to strong.