Cigar Factory 'de Olifant'

"Kampen Holland" appears on the beautiful cedar box with cigars produced by cigar factory De Olifant. With around 50,000 inhabitants, this small town is located right on the river IJssel. Kampen is an idyllic place with historic warehouses, facades, imposing churches, old sailing ships and numerous clay brick walls. These are all part of a beautiful legacy from the time when Kampen was an influential Hanseatic city.

De Olifant is the only brand which is still produced in the factory on Voorstraat in Kampen. For years now, the foundation of De Olifant's success has come from its use of pure natural raw materials of the finest quality. De Olifant devotes a lot of time and attention to purchasing tobacco, starting with the filler which consists of tobacco from Brazil, Cuba and Indonesia. What makes these cigars globally unique is the fact that each range consists of its own special blend.

If you would like to see how the cigars of De Olifant are made, please take a look at this website. You can book tickets for a tour and visit our factory at De Oudestraat 103 in Kampen.
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